360° air show video from Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM

360° air show video from the cockpit of the Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM on their display at the FIS Ski World Cup Finals 2016 in St. Moritz! It provides the immersive experience of a 360° view from inside the rear cockpit.

360° Air Show Video From Swiss Air Force PC7 TEAM

With its dynamic, elegant and precise flight performances, the PC-7 TEAM proves to the public that the Swiss Armed Forces and Air Force are highly trained and capable of top performances. Despite the professional performance of the PC-7 TEAM, all team members fly these displays as a side job. As their full time job, all PC-7 TEAM members are pilots in one of the Swiss Air Force’s three F/A-18 squadrons based in Payerne and Meiringen, and fly some 110 flight hours per year with the Hornet. In this function they carry out the missions of the Swiss Air Force, which include maintaining air sovereignty and air policing over Swiss territory.

360° Air Show Video From Swiss Air Force PC7 TEAM

The Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer, equipped with a turboprop engine, is a two seated tandem low-wing monoplane with a retractable tricycle gear, designed for military and commercial training. Both cockpits are equipped with flight and navigation instruments that allow a sophisticated instrument flight training, also in combination with the integrated autopilot. The Swiss Air Force has 28 Pilatus PC-7 all of which went through a midlife update program during the years 2008 and 2009. The most noticeable modifications are a new painting in the swiss colors red and white, a modern glass cockpit, a GPS and an autopilot.

The International Ski Federation Alpine World Cup tour is the premier circuit for alpine skiing competition. The inaugural season launched in January 1967, and the 2015-2016 season marked the 50th consecutive year for the FIS. This World Cup season began on 24 October 2015, in Sölden, Austria, and concluded in Saint Moritz, Switzerland on 20 March 2016.

360° air show video by Dominik Baumann & Alexander Klee / Blick.ch and Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS) For 360° experience: View on desktop (Chrome browser), Android or iOS (YouTube app)