Cemetery of airplanes (or in the United States, Aircraft graveyard) is a storage area for aircraft that are retired from service.  There are 11 major bases across the U.S. that are used to store retired planes, yet these images are taken from largest and most densely populated bases. article-2336804-1A2D122C000005DC-133_964x512 article-2336804-1A2D0436000005DC-830_964x457 article-2336804-1A2D1214000005DC-588_964x424 article-2336804-1A2D1228000005DC-109_964x528 article-2336804-1A2D1235000005DC-878_964x506 article-2336804-1A2D1240000005DC-769_964x495 article-0-1A2D058C000005DC-511_964x561  article-0-1A2D124C000005DC-260_964x571 article-0-1A2D1204000005DC-168_964x825 article-0-1A2D120D000005DC-409_964x894   Also, take a look at the another mysterious place of old airplanes - abandoned plane graveyard in Ohio!