Near-Collision Between Emirates And Etihad

Take a look at the near-collision between Emirates and Etihad jets! Two jetliners came as close as 25 seconds from one another, narrowly averting a mid-air collision over the Arabian Sea on Monday night.

Dubai-bound Emirates flight EK706 and Seychelles-bound Etihad flight EY622 flew close to Mumbai as Yemeni airspace has been closed. The exact distance separating the two aircraft at the point closest to a collision not been disclosed. The air traffic control in Mumbai instructed one of the planes to climb and another to descend to avoid a collision. An investigation into the air traffic scare has been launched. Both airlines denied safety was compromised at any point during their flights.

'The traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS), which is fitted on all aircraft, ensured that safe vertical separation of both aircraft was maintained at all times.

'Etihad Airways has provided its safety reports to the GCAA and is assisting with its investigation as well as conducting its own investigation into the incident.

'Safety is Etihad Airways' number one priority.'

'All Emirates aircraft are equipped with onboard instrumentation so that crew are alerted in a timely manner of all surrounding traffic. The crew informed the authorities of the incident and later filed an Air Safety Report, which will be forwarded to Mumbai Air Traffic Control. Safety is of paramount importance to Emirates, and we will be cooperating fully with the Mumbai Air Traffic Control in the subsequent investigation.'

The incident occurred on Monday as passenger planes from Emirates and Etihad Airways were traveling in opposite directions between the Gulf and the island nation of Seychelles.

Both carriers have recently rerouted flights to the archipelago nation to avoid Yemeni airspace due to fighting there.

  Actually, new statistics from the FAA show a sharp increase in near-collisions of passenger planes. See the informative video of CNN about alarming increase in airline near-collisions! Also, you must see dangerous go-around landing at Barcelona!