Battle of The Planes: Trump's 757 – Clinton's 737

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s planes had an awkward airport run-in while the nominees were in Las Vegas for the presidential debate.

The Republican nominee’s personal Boeing 757-2J4ER – measuring 155ft – believed to be slightly smaller than the Air Force One, shared the same tarmac as Clinton’s 129 ft jet – the Boeing 737.

The Republican presidential nominee’s Boeing is one of the fastest airplanes in the world. The aircraft can go up to 500 miles per hour with its Rolls-Royce engines.

The plane has a glass cockpit equipped with “computerized screens which display flight information” for Trump’s pilots. The system includes feedback loops which help to monitor what’s going on and alert the pilots of “problems before they become emergencies.

Trump's 757 vs. Clinton's 737 Planes

Trump’s plane also contains a bedroom, dining room, private guest room and an entertainment room with a cinema system.

The jet, which once flew with a commercial airline in Mexico in the 1990s, was bought by Trump from Microsoft mogul Paul Allen for an estimated $100 million.

The 757 is favored among presidential candidates, according to the aviation experts. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama flew 757s and went on to win the White House in 2000 and 2008.

Trump’s plane, although larger in size, only seats 43 compared to Clinton's 96-seater commercial aircraft.

Trump's 757 vs. Clinton's 737 Planes

Clinton’s Boeing 737-86J, nicknamed Hill Force One, is estimated to be worth $96 million (£78 million). It was first issued in 2002 for AirBerlin but she's leasing it, according to Journal News.

The Democratic nominee's jet features baby blue trim and the phrase "Stronger Together" on the side, along with her "H" logo on the tail.

Her jet is split into four sections - one for Clinton and top aides, one for campaign staffers, one for her secret service detail and one for reporters.

The interior is nothing fancy but does boast Wi-Fi.