MH370 Conspiracy Theories: Missing Flight

As the third anniversary of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 came and went last month, a new theories emerged about what might have happened to the plane. The flight vanished in March 2014, in one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries. Following an exhaustive multi-million-pound investigation, the final resting place of the MH370 was never discovered, although debris has been found spread out on the coasts of different countries. The huge gap in reliable information about the aircraft's fate has been filled with suggestions from armchair sleuths, aviation experts, authors and conspiracy theorists. Here are some of the wildest MH370 conspiracy theories on how and why MH370 disappeared.

1. Terrorist Hijacking

Following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington that happened back in September 2001, conspiracy theorists moved fast to dub the latest plane disappearance incidence the “9/11/2014” theory. Although it is a theory devoid of proof, it is widely publicized on the Internet. It suggests that Flight 370 didn’t crash but was hijacked in preparation for use to launch another terrorist attack to coincide with the anniversary of the attacks that were to be held at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

2. North Korea took MH370

It didn't take long for the most secretive nation in the world to be dragged into the MH370 rumour mill. Shortly after the plane disappeared, several conspiracy theorists questioned whether North Korea might be the "missing link" in the mystery.

They pointed to South Korea's claim that North Korea nearly took out a Chinese plane carrying 220 passengers on 5 March 2014, with Chinese Southern Airlines reportedly passing through the trajectory of a North Korean missile just seven minutes after it was fired. Three days later, MH370 disappeared.

3. Vladimir Putin hijacked the plane

MH370 Conspiracy Theories Vladimir Putin  

It was surely only a matter of time before Vladimir Putin was accused of being involved in the disappearance of the MH370. However, what is surprising is that the accusation has come from a comparatively reputable source. Jeff Wise, a US science writer who was central to CNN's coverage of the MH370 last year has come up with the surprising theory based on the so-called "pings" that the plane emitted for seven hours after it went missing. According to Wise, the plane's hijackers "spoofed" the plane's navigation data to give off the impression that it flew south, but in fact took the Boeing 777 north and landed it in the Baikonur Cosmodrome, which is leased from Kazakhstan by Russia.

4. The Cockpit Fire

One of the most plausible MH370 conspiracy theories comes from Chris Goodfellow, a pilot. He suggests that fire that started in the cockpit forced the captain to turn to the west towards Pulau Langkawi, the nearest airstrip at that moment. Goodfellow further suggests that the loss of communication with the cockpit coupled with electrical fire as well as the need to focus on flying the plane made it impossible for the captain to radio in a distress call. According to Goodfellow, the pilots could have succumbed to smoke inhalation, something that left the plane flying for hours before running out of fuel and crashing. Although it’s a great theory, there isn’t any solid evidence to support it.

5. Aliens

Approximately 5% of Americans surveyed by think that Flight 370 was abducted by aliens. Quite a number of bloggers have highlighted the recent UFO sightings in Malaysia as evidence that the plane’s disappearance was as a result of an extraterrestrial intervention. Alexandra Bruce did an analysis of radar data and “proved” that aliens were involved.

MH370 Conspiracy Theories Alien abduction