Woman Jumps Out of Plane While It Was Moving

Police in Houston are trying to figure out why a woman opened the emergency exit door of an airplane and jumped off the wing.

The incident happened at the Bush Intercontinental Airport. She and the rest of the passengers on the United Airlines plane were waiting for the final taxi to the gate.


According to Fox 26 Houston, police said the incident occurred at around 1:20 p.m. at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The woman opened the emergency door on Flight 1982 and then jumped out. Prosecutors said that she is undergoing psychological tests, KHOU-TV reported.

After a moment she got up and began running toward the terminal but was caught and detained by police. The FBI also stepped in to question her, though it was later said she was no longer in FBI custody, according to KHOU.

Passengers on the plane captured the aftermath and said the woman didn’t say anything before leaping to the ground. One passenger wrote on Facebook about the bizarre experience. ‘We landed and waited for gate to open up as we were 30 minutes early.

While authorities chased the woman down and investigated, passengers sat on the runway over an hour wondering why.”I’ve flown all over the world and I’ve been on lots of really long flights and I’ve never experienced anything like this.” said a passenger on the flight. “I have no earthly idea why she would want to do that.”

One passenger said he at first worried the woman left something on the airplane to hurt others. FBI agents who investigated the scene said that wasn’t the case. No one was injured on the flight.

The woman remained luckily safe after the shocking episode and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police said she won’t face charges, however, she would be taken for a psychological evaluation.