China Eastern Pilot Executes Emergency Landing In Order To Save Passenger’s Life

Last week during China Eastern Airlines (CIAH) (CEA) flight pilot was forced to make an emergency landing. Captain decided to take this action in order to save the life of a woman on board. In order to do it successfully, 30 tons of gasoline had to be removed from the aircraft.

  A 60-year-old passenger fell ill during the flight from Shanghai to New Your City. The woman did not want her real name to be exposed therefore named Ivy. She had difficulties breathing, a passenger was losing her consciousness repeatedly.

Due to such condition, an economy class passenger was moved to the business class together with her daughter. However, even though Ivy had a chance to lay down and feel more comfortable, that did not help much. China Eastern cabin crew members were trying to get some more professional assistance from other passengers. They made three announcements calling for some doctors on board, but apparently, there was no medic in the aircraft.

As Ivy’s condition was not getting better, the pilots were informed about the accident. They were flying over Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska at that moment. Unfortunately, to make such a fast and unplanned stop was too dangerous with so much gasoline left. Therefore, China Eastern pilot Gu Jian had to expel some fuel in order to reach the weight eligible for the safe landing.

Pilot Gu Jian commented on a situation  "The airplane's weight was 282 tons, far more than the maximum landing weight. When the sick passenger needed medical attention for safety reasons, the plane had to descend and dump gasoline at the same time,”.

After a safe landing, an unfortunate passenger was taken to the hospital. The Straits Times reports Ivy was let out of the hospital the next day and together with her daughter headed to New York.

Other passengers remained on board after an emergency landing, However, they experienced a 6-hour delay while aircraft was being refueled.