Primera Air Files For Bankruptcy And Leaves Thousands Of Passengers Abandoned

The night of 1st of October was final for Scandinavian low-cost airline Primera Air. The company canceled all flights and filed for bankruptcy after 14 years.

At the moment, passengers who purchased airline tickets are stuck in the airports. The airline also sent the messages for the passengers not to go to the airport due to this reason.

Leaked information

In leaked letters, the main reason for the bankruptcy is said to be: "Due to the high cost for the aircraft with corrosion last year, as well as the delays of our new Airbuses."

Primera's Director of Flight Operations, Anders Ludvigsson, said that the last seven years had a lot of challenges and thanked all his colleagues.

He writes: "We got the permits, we flew the flights, we got good reviews from the passengers. In other words, we fulfilled our part of the mission."

At the moment, the company is arranging travel logistics for its employees: "Crewing and Travel are working on arranging travel home for crews who happen to be on outstations."

The Leaked Letter Of Primera Air The Leaked Letter Of Primera Air

Official announcement

After the letter leaked, the official statement followed: "With a great regret, we must inform that Primera Air will cease all operations on the midnight of October 1st, 2018 and enter administration process, after 14 years of operations."

It also states that during the past few years the company had lost few aircraft and had many delayed flights. These reasons are the main ones why the company went bankrupt.

"Weighting the potential losses due to future delivery delays, and the added exposure to our partners and lessors, and bearing in mind the difficult environment that airlines are facing now due to low prices and high fuel costs, we have decided to cease operations now. Where it will have a smaller effect on our clients, due to the timing of the year, rather than increasing the exposure."

The Official Statement Of Primera Air The Official Statement Of Primera Air