Typhoon Mangkhut: Find Out If Your Flight Was Canceled

September of 2018 is bringing more damage than ever. Hurricanes, storms, and typhoons are destroying all the possible connections between the cities and countries. What is more, airlines are canceling most of their flights. In case you have plans to travel, make sure your flight is still scheduled. Because Typhoon Mangkhut is the most dangerous storm of the century.

Today Mangkhut is already named Super Typhoon. It already reached 190 miles per hour and forced airlines to stop their work in the East Asia region.

Flight Cancelations

If you had plans to travel to East Asia, it is better to keep up to date on your flight. Many airlines canceled flights until October 2018. In this case, you should check with your flight provider and maybe postpone your trip or cancel it. Then you still can receive a waiver of a fee to change your flight. Another option is to contact the hotline of your flight carrier.

These airlines already named the dates until when the flights will be canceled. If your flight provider is not named here, you must check for the information on the company website.

  • Hong Kong Airlines.

Travel alerts are issued from 16th to 18th of September. The last day for rebooking the flights is the 2d of October 2018.

  • Cathay Pacific Airways.

The company informed that the last day for rebooking the flights and for departing is October 14th, 2018.

  • United Airlines.

To receive the waiver of the change fee and differences in fare rate, the departure must take place before September 21st. If the flight will be after this date, only the change fee will be waved. The 19th of September is the last day for rebooking the flights.

  • Emirates.

It is official, that the flights from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, on 17th, 18th of September will be delayed. For more details, it is recommended to take a look at the company website.

In the official statement, Emirates apologized to its customers saying that "The safety of our customers and crew is of utmost importance and will not be compromised."

Airlines are also monitoring flights and possible cancelations from or to Taiwan, China, and The Philippines. Etihad and Emirates only informed about the delays. If your flight was scheduled to one of these destinations or if you are in the area and need to rebook the flight, check the website of an airline provider.