Dramatic Footage Of The Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is the most dangerous storm in 25 years. And now it is heading towards the United States. Officials are informing locals that the hurricane is heading to the East Coast of the US and about the necessary evacuation. And today, on 13th of September, the hurricane reached Category 2.

What about flights?

More than 1,300 flights are canceled and the number is rising. But once the storm hits, airlines will inform all passengers about next steps. In both South and North Carolina, the US, all airports are closed and none of the flights will take place.

But as storm is changing and might also hit Georgia, travelers should be watching the news and checking if their flights are still on schedule. Major carriers are changing flight directions and putting passengers to their last seats. Other ones are canceling all flights. But the biggest impact might be on the Charlotte Airport in the US.

All areas that surround the coast and are in Florence track, must be aware.

Hurricane Hunters

NOAA Pilot Justin Kibbey decided to show everyone how the storm looks like from inside. It might frighten. But it is better to know what is coming and take action.

Hurricane hunters are more important than we think. They fly into storms not only for adrenaline. But for the necessary information that helps for preventing consequences the upcoming storm might bring.

The job might look dangerous but actually it is really safe. They fly through the main eye of the hurricane and with special devices calculate the intensity and other factors of the storm. Later all the information is presented for forecasters.

That information is crucial for calculating the possible dangers of the hurricane and if needed, the beginning process of evacuation.

Hurricane hunter aircraft can fly up to 30, 000 feet (9,144 m).

Justin Kibbey's experience: