First Look At Newly Emirates Lounge at JFK Airport In New York

Sounds spicy? It really is! John F. Kenedy Airport in New York, the United States, recently reopened the 1,300 square foot Emirates lounge which is the biggest Emirates airline lounge in the United States.

It is open only for Emirates Skywards Gold and Platinum, First Class and Business Class members. But we can still explore the world between those walls and discover the magical fairytale of Emirates world online!

The lounge has special facilities for the passengers to freshen up in between the flights. What is more important is that the lounge has fully equipped business center. In which you can spend your valuable time finishing all the work that must be done. But if you think it is only business and luxury - it is not. It also has art in it that depicts the harmony between business and leisure.

Emirates Lounge Emirates Lounge

Apart from all that, all passengers and guests receive complimentary Wi-Fi and many more. And guests of the Emirates lounge will have the ability to board the aircraft directly from the lounge. Sounds like a dream? It is!

The Emirates airline is always investing in creating new and more comfortable lounges. Also, updating the ones they already opened up. Because the priorities of the airline are customers enjoyable journey, comfortability while waiting and ability to make their arrival to their destination as much comfortable as it can be, ensuring top quality.

Emirates airlines have 42 lounges in total, within major airports around the world and the newest lounge in Cairo, Egypt.

Even we know, that the Emirates airlines sound like a dream, it is one of the most known airlines in the world. Which means maybe one day we will also end up sitting and enjoying the top Emirates service!