The Past And The Future In North Korea Airlines

The summer of 2018 put everyone attention to the US and North Korea. We all know that the country of North Korea is the most mysterious one in the world and is the only one we do not know what we can expect from. It gives us many questions and opens our imagination. Therefore, some can be answered.

It is known that North Korea is the most isolated country in the world. Everything is regulated. From what to believe to objects in the air.

Air Koryo, the main airline of the country, have only 6 destinations, with few of them added only this year. But the main destinations are only to Russia (Vladivostok) and China.

The destinations is not the only strange part. What can be more intriguing is the design of the aircrafts.

One photographer managed to capture the moments after he took 24 flights with Air Koryo. Arthur Mebius, the person behind this, made also a photo book "Dear Sky, the Planes and People of North Korea's Airline".

The book is a gift and a tribute that is made from his love to aviation.

He also said that "People are led to expect poor service and old planes." Of course, the flights that take 90 minutes offer complimentary meal and North Korean beer. But the planes are still old.

What is Air Koryo?

Air Koryo is also known as SOKAO (Soviet-North Korean Airline) that was established in 1945. It was the main connection between Pyongyang and Moscow.

The fleet was created in 1960s and the main aircrafts were Tupolevs, Ilyushins and Antonovs. But what we see is that nowadays the same aircraft from those times are active and flying the passengers.

Later, in 1993 it was changed to its current appearance and named after the dynasty of Koryo, that ruled from 918 until 1392 A. D.

Take a look at the Air Koryo, the North Korea Airline by Arthur Mebius