Why It Is Important To Follow These Cabin Crew Instructions During Flights

If you happen to be a frequent flyer, you probably already know all the in-flight safety instructions by heart. However, each flight the cabin crew seek the attention of the passengers in order to present all the things you should know during the flight. So, what are the most frequently used safety measures and why is it important to follow them?

The most dangerous times of flight are take-off and landing. It is when the most accidents happen, therefore it is vital to follow all of the safety instructions. Plane accidents are very unlikely, but it is always better be safe than sorry.

So, what are the things cabin crew tell the passengers most frequently?

  • The window shades need to be pulled up during the take-off and landing

In case of emergencies, cabin crew have only about 90 seconds to evacuate the whole plane. Therefore, every second is valuable. The window shades have to be pulled up so that the eyes of passengers and cabin crew would be adjusted to the light or the dark outside. Also, in this way, passengers can help the cabin crew spot if something is off.

Window Shades Safety Instructions Window Shades Safety Instructions  
  • The seat needs to be put up

Passengers are asked to not recline their seats during take-off and landing for the same reason that most of the other things are asked of them. In case of emergencies, passengers need to be able to evacuate as quickly as possible. Moreover, when the seats are put up, they are locked. So, they are impacted less during accidents and therefore are more safer.

Seat Up Safety Instructions Seat Up Safety Instructions  
  • The mobile devices need to be in airplane mode

Although the exact potential interference of mobile devices to the plane is not yet officially proven, however, it is known for sure that it causes at least some interference. Some planes have WiFi available for the business class passengers, but the rest of the travelers need to follow the rules.

Flight Mode Safety Instructions Flight Mode Safety Instructions  
  • It is not allowed to use the lavatory during take-off and landing

This safety rule is extremely important for a reason. In case of emergency, the passenger using the lavatory might get stuck in the space and might not be able to evacuate, causing danger to himself or herself. It is even illegal for the pilot to take-off when someone is using the lavatory as well as the passengers not following this request can be asked to leave the plane.

Lavatory Safety Instructions Lavatory Safety Instructions  
  • The cabin baggage should not exceed the maximum weight

Although some of the passengers try to avoid paying the fee for extra weight and take more than the maximum allowed limit, it is putting in danger not only them but the other passengers as well. It is due to the overhead bin weight limits and the safety of the passengers seated below that there are such limits. Not to mention the overall weight maximum of the plane.

Baggage Safety Instructions Baggage Safety Instructions  

Next time flying, make sure you listen carefully to the safety instructions of the cabin crew. Once again, it is better to be safe than sorry.