Take A Look At What Happened When 83-Year-Old Flight Ticket Was Presented For An Airline

In 1935, Arnold Neahus, only a 7 year old boy at the time, won a special prize. It was a flight ticket for a trip around Amsterdam on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Unfortunately, he could not claim his contest win prize and go on the flight as his sister was very sick with scarlet fever, which is highly infectious.

83 years later, Arnold Neahus, now Grandpa Nol, is presented with the opportunity to claim his prize and, in honor of his 90th birthday, get on a flight over Amsterdam. For his joy, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines still flies propeller planes, as they did when he was just a boy.

All these years, Grandpa Nol saved the letter, which informed him about winning. Most recently, his granddaughter wrote a letter to the Dutch airline‘s board of directors with a request to accept the 83-year-old ticket in honor of her Grandpa Nol turning 90 years old.

Part Of The Letter Received By Granpa Nol With The Ticket Part Of The Letter Received By Granpa Nol With The Ticket  

The KLM airline kindly accepted the offer and arranged for Arnold Neahus and his 7-year-old great grandson Jagger to fly over Amsterdam.

Take a look at Grandpa Nol's Grand Surprise for his 90th birthday in the video presented by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines:

However, the flight was not the same as it would have been 83 years ago. The plane, which was used to fly, postdated the contest prize by 9 years, as it was a 1944 Dakota DC-3.

Take a look at the aircraft 1944 Dakota DC-3, which was used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to fly Granpa Nol: 1944 Dakota DC-3, Used By KLM Royal Dutch Airline I I I I I I I I I I I  I I I I I I I I