Flight Attendant Puts Out The Fire With A Bottle Of Water

China Southern Airlines (ZNH) domestic flight was about to take off when one of the passengers’ bag was caught on fire in an overhead compartment.  Shortly visible smoke after a couple of minutes filled the plane.

After the fire started a little bit of chaos was on a plane due to some passengers though cabin crew remained professional and calm, they managed the situation fast and with minimal damages. One of the flight attendants extinguished the fire with a bottle of water. When it was almost put out, a passenger offered his help and quenched the fire completely while standing on his seat. He did it with a bottle of juice which a brave man took from the same flight attendant. Other passenger recorded the situation with a mobile phone and the video went viral.


According to the prelaminar information, the fire was caused by the power bank of one of the passengers. It has happened even though the gadget was turned off and not in use at that time of boarding. The owner of the luggage and a power bank was taken by the authorities to be questioned.

Lithium batteries are used to power many devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and smart luggage. But it has also been admitted that this kind of batteries might be a cause of the fire in some situations. Therefore some airlines have banned lithium batteries powered smart suitcases-luggage to be carried out on board or at least batteries have to be taken out before checking in.

In the official statement the airline reported that none of the passengers were injured and a very minimum damage was done to a plane.  However, even though Boeing B777 had a minor damage, passengers were asked to move to the replacement plane. An accident caused a three hours delay.

Even though the situation was solved pretty fast and almost damage free, some social media commentators were pretty shocked and surprised about the fact that the fire was put out with a bottle of water. The flight attendant did not use the fire extinguisher and that could have led to even more problems. Power bank and other gadgets are electronic devices and not supposed to be quenched with water.