Tragic Incident: Plane Crashes Into Two Buildings in Anchorage, Alaska and caused panic! A single-engine plane owned by the Civil Air Patrol in Alaska swiped a six-story office building in downtown Anchorage early Tuesday morning, ripping off a wing, then crashed into the next-door building. The pilot was killed in the tragic accident.

A licensed pilot crashes Cessna 172

The pilot was identified as Doug Demarest - a first lieutenant with The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) who also was a licensed Cessna 172 pilot. A spokeswoman for CAP said the flight was not scheduled, but wouldn't say whether the plane was stolen.

FBI Took the plane crash investigation

The FBI took the unusual step of taking over the crash investigation from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Authorities provided few details Tuesday about what they had learned so far. "Some evidence warranted us bringing them (FBI) into the investigation," said NTSB Alaska Region Chief Clint Johnson. FBI officials doesn't think the crash was an act of terrorism.

Plane crashes into two building

The plane piloted by Doug Demarest first hit the Brady Building, then crashed into nearby Carr-Gottstein Building, were it caught fire. Witnesses said plane was completely on fire within minutes. It was early in the morning, only few if any people were in the building at the time, and an initial sweep of the property found no sign of anyone hurt on the ground. The scale of tragedy could have been bigger if it would happened in work hours. You way take a look at a video of crash which was taken few minutes after incident: Eyewitnesses said it was circling around before plane crashes. "I seen the plane coming in and it did a total complete turn and then boom," said Thomas Connell, who witnessed the crash. "It flew over us twice and then crashed," Connell said. "It was just way low, and then it started sinking on in." Source