A fuel truck collided with an Aeroflot Airbus A320 parked on the apron of Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO), Russia. The driver of the truck was injured.

The Airbus A321-211, registered VP-BAX, was parked with no crewmember or passenger inside when the fuel truck rammed its nose. The radome and the fuselage of the airliner were damaged. The cabin of the truck was crushed upon impact, injuring the driver. Fortunately, the fuel tank remained mostly intact. 

Airport operations were not affected by the incident. An investigation was opened to establish the circumstances of the event.

A year after the ill-fated Aeroflot Superjet-100 flight from Moscow to Murmansk, the accident is still surrounded by the veil of speculation and controversy. What happened on May 5, 2019 – was it the aircraft defect, the lack of training for the flight crew, or a series of pilots’ mistakes that had led to the crash?