IndiGo indicated that its servers were hacked earlier in December 2020. Because of the incident,  some confidential data might become publicly available, India's largest airline warned.

In a filing on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) dated December 31, 2020, IndiGo announced that its servers were subject to a hacking incident in early-December 2020. The airline indicated that it was able to restore its systems in “a very short span of time with minimal impact.” Nevertheless, the company stated that confidential data was accessed by the hackers and that “there is a possibility that some internal documents may get uploaded by the hackers on public websites and platforms.”

“We realize the seriousness of the issue and are continuing to engage with all relevant experts and law enforcement to ensure that the incident is investigated in detail,” read IndiGo’s statement.

It is unclear whether any user data was acquired by the infiltrators.

“It would not be possible to share any further information since the incident is under investigation,” indicated the airline’s spokesperson in a separate comment to AeroTime News.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined British Airways (BA) £20 million. The commission found the airline responsible for failing to protect over 400,000 of its customers’ personal and financial data, which was leaked during a cyber-attack incident in 2018. While significant, the financial penalty is around 25 times lower than the “worst-case” scenario.