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AeroTime Training’s mission is to help every aspiring pilot to reach amazing career heights.
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Our services include a variety of pilot training programs for both type rated and non-type rated pilots.

We do understand how challenging the beginning of your pilot career might be.

Have you obtained your pilot license, but don’t know what to do next? Are you trying to decide whether to get a self-funded type rating or to look for an airline that can provide you with one? AeroTime Training is here to answer all of your questions and help every aspiring pilot to reach career heights.

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What are the main requirements to apply for one of your programs?

Each program has unique requirements. However, in majority of programs the main requirements are: valid EASA CPL, Class 1 Medical Certificate, Passport, MCC, ATPL theory certificate, logbook (3 last pages).

Is a job guaranteed after I finish hour building/cadet program?

Depends on a program. Usually, airlines consider each candidate for the employment, depending if the training went smoothly. Some programs guarantee a job offer, upon successful completion of the training. In case you do not get a job offer, our recruitment team will assist you getting the most suitable job according to your relevant experience.

What is the duration of Type Rating and Hour building program?

Up to 16 months (maximum period), you should complete both Type Rating as well as Hour Building. On average, it takes approximately 2 months to complete Type Rating course and 8-12 months to collect 500 block hours.

When do I start flying once I am accepted to the program?

Usually, it takes some time from the day you are invited to join the program until you take a seat in a cockpit. Depending on the airline, some pilots are offered a starting date in 2 weeks or 2 months. Waiting period should not exceed 6 months.

Is it necessary to attend the assessment?

Safety first! Therefore, majority of airlines ask candidates to attend an assessment to check their skills, knowledge and background information. Assessments may vary depending on the airline requirements; some ask only for a skype interview, other ones invite pilots to attend the assessment in a simulator and ask some technical questions. In any case, our company will give you as many hints as possible so you could prepare accordingly for a certain assessment and pass it with flying colours.

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