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Valius Venckunas

Cathay crew agrees to take one-year unpaid leave

Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union said their members agree to go on unpaid leave for up to a year to keep their jobs....

Pijus Jauniskis

Amazon Air’s flights and fleet grow rapidly amid pandemic

Amazon Air has experienced unprecedented growth this year, expanding its fleet by an additional 12 freighters and ramping its flight activity to over 100 daily flights since May 2020....

Clement Charpentreau

Open Skies treaty: why Russian “spy planes” fly above France

Usually, observation aircraft (colloquially referred to as “spy planes”) approaching a foreign airspace provoke a strong reaction, often in the form of an interception and an official diplomatic complaint. In September 2020, however, several flights of this kind should take place without a hitch, thanks to the "Treaty on Open Skies.”...