Which Fighter Jet Is The Fastest?

In commercial aviation, speed is one of the most crucial factors. A lot of the profit airlines make depends on their ability to transfer passengers quickly. Especially low-cost airlines, which rely on making multiple flights per day to profit off their cheap ticket prices. Meanwhile, fighter jets have their differences in avionics, weaponry systems and the distance they can travel, speed is also very important to military jets. If you can’t catch up to your enemy or the enemy can catch up to you easily, then you’re at a very bad disadvantage and the consequences can be sad. And sad is the word to put it lightly! However, a question stands: which fighter jet is the fastest in 2019? To answer the question that is on everybody’s mind, here is the list of the fastest jet fighters in 2019. Keep in mind that this list includes only piloted aircraft and which are still in operational service!

10. Chengdu J-10

The Chinese multirole combat aircraft is the first aircraft is on this fastest fighter jet list. NATO designated a name to it – Firebird. Produced and designed by the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, the fastest fighter jet from China is primarily used by the People‘s Liberation Army Air Force. The PAAF introduced the J-10 into service in 2003, after its first test flights 5 years ago, in 1998. Firstly, CAC designed the J-10 to be a specialized fighter. After initial tests and a design change, the J-10 became a multirole aircraft. With about 350 fighters built, the J-10 is one of the most popular jet fighters in China. It is also the fastest jet fighter in the country. Top Speed: 2,336 km/h Chengdu J-10 Chengdu J-10

9. Dassault Mirage 2000

Designed and manufactured by Dassault in France, the Mirage 2000 is a multirole fighter jet. Also, its the fastest fighter jet built in France. Built in the mid-70s, the Mirage 2000 is the most popular French jet fighter, with 601 fighters built. When Germany, Italy and United Kingdom designed their Panavia Tornado, France was also supposed to be participating in the conglomerate. However, the French government determined it would cost too much money and thus withdrew from the project. That is why Dassault started designing its own fighter jet. The Air Force of France set out official requirements for a new fighter, and the Mirage 2000 fit the requirements like a glove. The Mirage was called the Delta 2000 at the time. The AdA (the French Air Force) committed to 200 orders when the new fighter jet was announced. After completing its first test flight in 1978, Dassault derived the first Mirage 2000s to the French Air Force in 1984. Currently, the fighter jet is still in service for multiple countries around the world, including France. Top Speed: 2,336 km/h Dassault Mirage 2000 Dassault Mirage 2000

8. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

The F-22 Raptor was the first fifth-generation jet fighter in the world. Lockheed Martin developed the F-22 for the United States Air Force, with the latter using it as an air superiority fighter. Lockheed started designing the F-22 in 1986 when the United States Air Force issued a request to Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas. General Dynamics helped out Lockheed, while Northrop helped out McDonnell Douglas. The Air Force laid out the requirements for the new fighter jet. It would need to have composite materials, advanced flight control systems, powerful propulsion systems and obviously, stealth capability. In 1991, Lockheed’s early prototype of the F-22, called the YF-22 won the competition between them and Douglas’ YF-23. It entered service in 2005 with the United States Air Force. After Lockheed built 195 models, the United States government canceled the program in 2011. Rising costs, lack of enemies and the incoming multirole F-35 were cited as the reasons why the United States government is going to cancel the production of the F-22. In total, Lockheed built 187 production models and 8 test aircraft. One of the governing bodies of the United States army proposed to resume the production of the F-22 in 2016. After a year, the Air Force told the Congress they had no plans to revive the F-22 program as the costs were going to be too high. Top Speed: 2,410 km/h F-22 Raptor F-22 Raptor