Top 5 Most Dangerous Aircraft Models

Of all the transport options open to the general public, airplanes are the most technically advanced. However, many of us still do not trust technology enough to let ourselves be suspended among the clouds without checking and cross-checking every small detail. But where such liberty is not possible, we can look at the history of airplanes and then settle for the one that appears to be the safest. Here we have a list of top 5 most dangerous aircraft models.

Tupolev Tu 154 - 7 Fatal Crashes

Top 5 Most Dangerous Aircraft Models Tupolev Tu 154  

This plane was the workhorse of the Soviet-era and Russian air industry since its introduction in the early 1970s. Recently retired from Aeroflot service, the Tu-154 was the primary domestic passenger liner of Russia. The plane is known to be rugged and is built to operate in harsh environments with minimal maintenance. With a cruise speed of 850 km/h, it is one of the fastest passenger liners, yet, also one of the loudest which has led to it being banned from flying through certain airspaces. In the last decade, there have been 7 crashes with fatalities involving the Tu-154.

CASA C-212 – 11 Fatal Crashes Top 5 Most Dangerous Aircraft Models CASA C-212  

The plane is used by more than three dozen militaries around the world and over a dozen civilian airlines, most of them American based. With the ability to carry 26 passengers and a range of approximately 1800km, the C-212 is a popular choice for short-haul and military service.

Ilyushin Il- 76 - 17 Fatal Crashes Top 5 Most Dangerous Aircraft Models Ilyushin Il- 76  

Introduced in 1974, the jet-powered Il-76 was meant to be a replacement for the An-12. In addition to its four jet-engines, the Il-76 was significantly larger than the propeller-driven An-12, in terms of wingspan and overall length. This toughness has attracted many customers and the Il-76 is used by dozens of countries for both civilian and military purposes. Operators include Russia, Ukraine, China and even the United Nations. Accidents are, however, quite common.

LET L-410 – 20 Fatal Crashes Top 5 Most Dangerous Aircraft Models LET L-410  

The L-410 is a Czechoslovakian plane which was introduced in 1970. Several hundred remain in service today. The L-410 is also a popular aircraft with the skydiving community. Over the past decade, the L-410 has been involved in a large number of crashes, many of them fatal. The strangest incident, by far, must be the August 2010 crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The crash was reportedly caused by a stampede of people within the plane as they attempted to get away from a crocodile which became loose in the cabin. Twenty people died but the crocodile survived, only to be killed later.

Antonov 32 – 7 Fatal Crashes

This Soviet-era turboprop has been in service since 1976. Built to survive harsh weather and sporting very powerful engines, the An-32 is reportedly well suited to handle take-off and flight in mountainous and tropical conditions. Unlike the Tu-154, crashes of the An-32 tend to be smaller with far fewer fatalities. For instance, in 2008 a Sudanese An-32 burst into flames upon landing in Maldova, killing all eight people onboard.