700 Flights Canceled After Typhoon Jebi Hits Japan

Japan is facing the strongest storm in the past 25 years. And not only the roads are damaged, air traffic is also at risk. If you were planning to visit Japan maybe you should put this idea on hold. Because at the moment country is facing something dangerous - Typhoon Jebi.

There are only few deaths. But around 300 people are injured. Most of the deaths are caused on the ground by falling objects because the typhoon is damaging everything around.

At first the storm was only a Category 5. But now Jebi is already named super-typhoon after reaching 180 mph, strongest wind after 1993.

Adam Douty, the Senior Meteorologist at AccuWeather have said, that "Damaging winds and coastal flooding may be the most significant impacts with this storm."

What are the damages?

Buildings are destroyed, cars are smashed. And much more.

If you thought about escaping with a plane, leave this thought behind. Kansai Airport is now closed after Jebi destroyed it completely. What is more important, that it will affect the tourists from Southeast Asia and China.

At the moment 700 flights will not be taking off. Japan Airlines have canceled 218 flights and Nippon Airways Co. canceled 289. Philippine Airlines are also stopping the flights.

People are now urged to evacuate as fast as possible. But ground connections are also in critical condition what makes it difficult to escape somewhere safe or to find a shelter.

A bridge to Kansai airport A bridge to Kansai airport   People are also posting videos and sharing their experience of the typhoon on social media.

What if I am there?

As said by the authorities "If you're in the area, you should monitor the news and follow the advice of local authorities. Check the website of the Japan Meteorological Association for information in English."