A Pilot That Was Born Without Arms – The Story Of Jessica Cox

Sometimes we feel down because something did not work out successfully. We might have failed to achieve something that we set out as a goal a long time ago. Or we might blame the circumstances that currently surround us.

Nevertheless, we constantly hear the inspirational stories that tell us the tales on how we can navigate through the thick jungle that is our current situation. Whatever the context of the stories, there is always one lesson to be learned – you can achieve everything that you set your mind to. No matter the difficulties, there is always a way to reach your target.

And Jessica Cox is living proof of that. Dealt with a very unfair hand when she was born, Jessica never gave up on her dreams. She never let her fears distract her from the goals Jessica wanted to achieve.


Jessica Cox was born on February 2nd, 1983. The first time her parents saw her, they were in shock – Jessica had no arms. Doctors could not explain why she was born that way. All previous pregnancy tests showed nothing irregular or that something is wrong.

However, neither the parents nor the doctors could do anything. Nevertheless, Jessica’s parents never wanted to exclude her from regular activities. They wanted her to feel like a normal child. Jessica Cox went to a regular school, not a to special needs or a private one, she would do everything that all the other kids did in their childhood.

She danced in front of a crowd when she was little. Although fearful and nervous at first, after the performance she crushed her fears. She loved it so much, that Jessica Cox anxiously awaited for the next time when she would perform again.

That set the tone for the rest of her life. Jessica never let her fears stop her from doing the things that she set her mind to.

Jessica Cox with prosthetic arms. Source: jessicacox.com Jessica Cox with prosthetic arms. Source: jessicacox.com

That's why one day on her way to school, she decided not to ever wear her prosthetic arms ever again. After 11 years of wearing them every day, however never really feeling comfortable with them, Jessica Cox swore to herself to never put them on. Simply put, she felt more connected with her feet rather than her prosthetic arms.

In an older interview, Jessica Cox said that “I knew people were going to make fun of me and I knew people were going to laugh at me. And ask me “where are your arms and how are you going to do things”, but when the bus doors shut, I promised myself I would never wear them to school anymore. I never did.”

Achieving success

After finishing high school, Jessica Cox enrolled at the University of Arizona to study psychology. Jessica Cox said that psychology fascinated her because it influences how we think about things.

She graduated from university in 2005 with flying colors.

In addition to having a bachelor’s degree, she has a driver’s license and even a black-belt in Taekwondo. She is the first armless person in the United States to do so!

After finishing university, she became a professional motivational speaker. Jessica inspires people to achieve their dreams, no matter their situation. She has carried her message throughout the world, holding seminars and conferences to inspire humanity to change for the better.

Jessica Cox Jessica Cox

Nevertheless, there was always one thing Jessica Cox dreamed of. Flying.