Boeing 737 Nearly Crashes In Prague

Amateur videographer Radko Našinec recently captured incredible footage of a Boeing 737-430 going up against some very strong cross winds – and nearly losing. The terrifying video shows the large airplane getting violently thrown like a small toy just as the wheels graze the runway. It was filmed at Václav Havel Airport in Prague, Czech Republic.

Boeing 737

Footage showing a Boeing 737-430 nearly crashing as the pilot attempted to land at the Václav Havel Airport. Video was uploaded to YouTube on October 4, 2016.

As the plane tries to touch down, it becomes apparent that the aircraft will not be able to overcome the large gusts of wind preventing it from landing – left with no other option. The pilot immediately begins to get the Boeing 737-430 back into the air.

Fortunately, he was able to land the jet safely at the second attempt, despite high winds at the international airport in Prague. The airplane approached the runway still swaying back and forth under gusts of wind. But the pilot was able to accomplish the delicate task this time around, setting down the plane gently.

It's believed that powerful crosswinds are to blame for the plane suddenly lurching to one side.

This remarkable video is the latest in a series of recent footage. Landing in turbulence can be really challenging. Well-trained pilots are able to accomplish a safe landing that assisted by the airplane’s automatic pilot.

Czech Radio interviewed a pilot who said the person flying should've reacted earlier. But Stanislav Fiala of the Czech Pilots' Association said it "was the only correct procedure." Commenting on the footage, he said: "If they responded in time they could've avoided contact with the ground."

The short clip has since gone viral after having received nearly 2 600,000 views.

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