Amazing and mysterious abandoned plane graveyard in Ohio! Take a look at these unfortunate planes just rotting somewhere in Ohio. Indeed, stunning pics! Xavyfeguwqlj73pXBfflsPTfsmlPo7k1HG4NSM02rELeS0At3cY130uCci1T4NNAsF7baL9UKJbV66EFYV8T Also, here is the video of Warplane Graveyard made by Joel Schat: We share the information found at about this mysterious place: "Newbury, Ohio is home to a Warplane Graveyard. A private collection by Walter Soplata that was completed in the 1980s includes a B-25, Goodyear FG-1D and more. Please do not visit without express permission from the land owner. " Also, take a look at the Impressive aircraft scrapping where Boeing’s first prototype B767-300 series airliner is scrapped for its recyclable metals!