Meet The Youngest Female Pilot to Command a Boeing 777

The world's youngest female pilot has revealed she'd never been on a plane before she began training to fly one. Becoming a pilot is far from easy, but challenging gender stereotypes and becoming a female aviator is even harder. This didn't stop Indian pilot Anny Divya from trailblazing her way to the top. Thirty-year-old Divya is now the youngest female commander of a Boeing 777 aircraft in the world. Divya holds the high position with Air India – the culmination of a childhood dream of flying the skies.

Anny Divya took command of a 777, the world's largest twin jet, at the age of 30, proving wrong those who had tried to convince her parents it wasn't a viable career option.

"Luckily my parents have been very supportive, even though a lot of people were telling them not to send me for flying lessons," she told Indian TV station Mirror Now. "There was a lot of resistance all round - especially the fees, which were a lot for (my parents) to pay at the time."

Growing up in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh in India, Divya knew she wanted to be a pilot, even though most of her classmates planned to follow their parents' advice to become doctors and engineers.

Meet the youngest female pilot to command a Boeing 777 Anny Divya

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Divya was fueled by her passion and determined to succeed. She looked for people who might point her in the right direction. Eventually she was sent an advertisement for flying school by a friend and she applied at the age of 17. "I got selected," she recalls – but this marked the beginning of a steep learning curve.

Many of Divya's new coursemates had flying experience – or family who worked in the aviation industry.

For Divya, it was all brand new. "I had no clue about any aircraft, technology, nothing," she says. "I'd never had any flying background or anybody to guide me, the whole subject was very new to me."