Have you seen a radical Airbus idea of engines placement? They have come up with a new idea to remove engines from wings and place them on fuselage.

The principles of a passenger airliner design haven‘t changed for a while now, but a new Airbus patent is about to change it. Who told that turbofan engines belong exclusively on the wings? Apparently, wrapping engines around the fuselage improves the efficiency dramatically, while keeping the overall size of the plane down. The quest for more powerful engines has led to larger and heavier turbofans. Eventually they won‘t fit under the wing. Airbus has decided to lead an alternative path – why not using multiple small engines, instead of a few huge ones. And the only obvious place to place them all is on a fuselage. It will take a while to see this idea implemented, but you may want to book your window seat while it lasts, because there would be no window seats on a plane without windows. Airbus idea