Find out more about the findings of TransAsia GE235 crash! Probably, you remember the video of 'TransAsia GE235 Crashes After Take Off' which appeared at the Internet in February, 2015. The aircraft ATR72-600, which was less than a year old, flew perilously between buildings and clipped a bridge and a taxi before crashing into the shallow Keelung River in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei.

Findings of TransAsia GE235 Crash

These are the words of the captain of TransAsia Airways Flight GE235, eight seconds before the plane clipped a bridge and plunged into a Taiwanese river mere minutes after takeoff, killing 43 people on board: "Wow, pulled back the wrong side throttle".

The latest report by Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council into the February crash confirms that the captain of the ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft mistakenly switched off the plane’s working engine after the other lost power. The plane is designed to be able to be flown on one engine. The report also showed that the captain had failed simulator training less than a year earlier, partly because he had demonstrated a lack of knowledge of how to respond to engine flameout at takeoff. The findings come in the Aviation Safety Council’s Factual Data Collection Group Report, a presentation of facts found in investigating the crash.

15 of the 58 people on board the flight survived. The plane’s entire cockpit crew was killed in the crash. It draws no conclusions and makes no recommendations, and a final report is to follow in April 2016.

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