Water vs Gravity in a Fighter Jet

Video called Water vs Gravity just proves science, pilots, and barrel rolls are awesome. What happens when you're upside down and try to drink a cup of water? Naturally, it will fall all over you and make a big mess. But what if you're thousands of feet in the air and inside a fighter jet? One pilot shows us in this jaw-dropping video.

While doing loops and barrel rolls, the pilot pours himself a glass of water and drinks it. What’s awesome is the water never spills or even starts to leave the cup. Even when upside down the water remains in the cup as though they are right side up. You would think that after a while of being upside down the water would start to spill, but it its kept in line. Wired explains what is happening:

If you could just see the water from a stationary reference frame (maybe a floating hot air balloon), you would see the water indeed falling down. Now, I remember that I said “falling down” and not “moving down”. The water actually might be moving up. The key is that even though it is moving up, it is accelerating down. The plane also is accelerating down. As long as the downward acceleration of the plane is greater than the water, the water will move into the cup above it.

Check out the video Water Vs Gravity below:

Here is a similar video: