Worth to read the story how woman survives crash-land after pilot lost consciousness! A Spanish woman who had never flown a plane was forced to crash-land it after her pilot husband lost consciousness during the flight. The Spanish air traffic controller with whom the woman was communicating was familiar with the type of aircraft she was aboard. In a recording of the conversation, the controller tells the woman: "you're going to continue and you're going to land without any problem, OK?"

The situation was made worse by the fact that the airplane was above the clouds at about 10,000 feet when the pilot lost consciousness. She could barely read the compass, according to the report. Air traffic controllers stayed with the woman for some 90 minutes, guiding her to Seville airport. A helicopter and another light aircraft were sent to help lead her to the airport. Finally, the plane landed in an orange grove.

While her husband did not survive, it has not been made clear whether he died prior to the impact with terrain. The woman survived the accident. She is now recovering in a hospital in Seville after suffering multiple injuries, but her life is not in danger.



Take a look at the plane crash caught on tape!