Two Indonesian Aircraft Crashed During Training. Indonesian aerobatics team crashed  after colliding in the air during a training practice for the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) 2015 exhibition in Malaysia. Six-aircraft team flew together in formation. The collision occurred then one of the planes crashed with two neighboring vehicles and set them on fire.

The first plain fell near the Langkawi International Airport, while the second hit near a neighbouring village, setting on fire two houses. Four crew members aboard the two aircraft involved managed to eject from the vehicles but reportedly suffered varying injuries, so pilots were sent to the Langkawi Hospital.  Malaysian media reports and social media indicate that all four pilots of the Jupiter aerobatics team's aircraft KT-1s landed safely. Practice flights for the aerial component of the show, which starts on 17 March, have been stopped.

  asset image asset image asset image Images by Oliver Santa View image on Twitter KT-1s aircraft

Here you can see two Indonesian acrobatic planes crashed mid air in Malaysia: