Here's What a $21000 First Class Airplane Seat Is Like

Most people's least favorite part of traveling somewhere far away is the journey to get there — but when you're flying in a $21,000 first class airplane seat, the trip itself starts to get a lot more appealing. Recently YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat got a free upgrade from Business Class to First Class on an Emirates flight from Dubai to New York City. Obviously, He had to document his absolutely amazing experience on what will probably be the most luxurious flight of his life.

As he explains in the video, the cheapest first class tickets he could find for similar flights were going for $21,635.30, and Emirates definitely made sure he got his money's worth. Not only did the seat come with a gigantic touch-screen TV and countless hidden goodies, from a personal bar to fancy face creams to a set of pajamas, but it also included five-star service. At one point in the video, when Casey attempted to turn his chair into a bed, one of the flight attendants actually refused to let him do it himself and stepped in to finish the job. There's even a luxury shower available for reservation for 30 minutes at a time! "The real deal. The dream. Showering...on an airplane," Neistat says in the video.

"When I think of the greatest days in my entire life, I think of when my children were born, or perhaps when my son graduated high school, or today, when I was upgraded from Business to First on Emirates," Casey said before boarding the plane. "It really does change your whole relationship with travel, when you take the most painful part of travelling and instead of that being a terrible experience, it goes from pain to pleasurable", he said after getting off of the plane.

And in case you were wondering, here's how miserable people over in Business Class have it:

Here's What a $21000 First Class Airplane Seat Is Like Here's What a $21000 First Class Airplane Seat Is Like

Here's What a $21000 First Class Airplane Seat Is Like