EASA: Get The Best Job Offer In Europe!

For those saying the pilot shortage is a big, fat myth, the numbers can’t be argued with. Economies are growing and airline fleet numbers are expanding as never before. The shortage of qualified pilot candidates continues to be a concern for the airlines in Europe. And it appears the problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

Pilot shortage prevails in most of the continents. But some countries have especially large number of unemployed pilots. As a result, new qualified pilots decrease in Europe is rising every year.

Europe has a beneficial pay and working conditions. It gives a preferential hiring to the holders of EASA License. Pilots from all around the world can work in any of EASA member state by converting their ATPL or CPL license to EASA.

Requirements for the conversion of existing licenses and ratings can be complex with frequent changes of the rules. AviationCV.com can help by providing the most up-to-date information and the best advice on how to proceed.

EASA job in Europe

Every aircraft designed and manufactured in Europe requires European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification. EASA  mission is to promote the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation. However, EASA does not issue licenses. But in every member country the respective national aviation authority issues licenses, according to the standards set by the EASA.

There are plenty of different companies that can help with the technical requirements and administrative procedures. These procedures are related to pilot licenses, flight training, flight simulation training, medical certificates and the organizations involved in these activities.

If your existing license obtained outside Europe or not according to the relevant EASA licensing regulations, you can convert it to European one. EASA license will increase your chances of getting a better job offer in Europe! License conversion is a specific work and needs a lot of attention. AviationCV.com can find the best and quickest way to convert your current license to EASA.

The following steps will introduce you to the process of EASA conversion. Also, it will provide you with more related information:


First of all, a pilot presents required documents to our company. Then the company verifies all documents after receiving them and creates the Individual Training Program. After confirmation of the training, AviationCV.com submits the schedule and helps to prepare for a number of exams. We also assist in relations with Aviation Authorities in reference to the application process for ATPL (A) license examinations. The average time it takes to pass them is from 6 months!


The training process consists of these main parts:

  • Theoretical part (you will have to do the EASA-Theory training and pass the 13 (CPL) or 14 (ATPL) exams. Our company provides E-DL material to prepare for the exams + ground school).
  • ATPL examinations in Aviation Authorities.
  • Practical flying in EASA approved ATO.
  • Application for the Class 1 medical.
  • Application for EASA license to Aviation Authorities.

Then you are one big step closer to your dream job in Europe! Here you will find amazing opportunities, attractive salary package and everything you’ve been missing for at your current location.


It is important to mention that AviationCV.com can not only help to change current pilot’s license to EASA. Our company also helps to get visas, permissions to work in Europe and other relevant documents needed to work in any EASA member state. All of these steps become so much easier and less complicated with a help of our company. Overall process only takes two months!

The current figures might not be enough to meet demand. It’s consider that Boeing, the world’s largest plane manufacturer has estimated that by 2034, there will be a need for 95,000 new commercial airline pilots. And this is in the EU alone.  Also, Irish budget carrier Ryanair has detailed its expansion plans for 2017 which will see it add 50 aircraft and create over 3,500 new jobs. Don't let your job search get you down because Europe needs you now.

AviationCV.com offers a wide range of career opportunities. So don‘t miss a chance to get employed in Europe. It might lead you to your dream job and even more exciting life!



  • Current type rating.
  • ATPL/CPL License.

Required Documents:

  • CV
  • Class 1 medical certificate.
  • Level 4 and above Certificate of English ability.
  • Last 5 pages of logbook.
  • Latest Proficiency Check.
  • Type Rating completion certificate.
  • Information on flight time including: total amount of hours, PIC hours, IFR, gained on a specific type aircraft.

Convert your ATPL license to EASA HERE