Kenny G Performed an Impromptu Concert on an Airplane

Finally, a good news story about an incident aboard a flight. This one happened on a Delta flight from Tampa to Los Angeles early Saturday morning. Passengers were treated to a mini-concert by Grammy Award winning Saxophonist Kenny G.

On Saturday morning, as reported by local news station WFLA, Kenny G was en route from Tampa, Florida, to Los Angeles when the passenger seated next to him explained that she started raising money for Relay for Life, which raises funds for the American Cancer Society, after she lost her daughter to brain cancer.

In response, Kenny G agreed to perform in the airplane’s aisles — if fellow passengers would agree to help raise $1,000 in donations for the fundraiser. In the end, impressed and soothed passengers more than doubled the goal, with Kenny G handing over $2,000 for the charity.

“It was a super fun experience,” he said in an email to “And what’s really amazing is it shows how music can touch so many people unexpectedly. The thing that is missing in our society is people really connecting with one another, person to person, and not always with social media. I must commend the in-flight service personnel at Delta airlines for creating the atmosphere for such a well-needed moment for us all.”

Grammy award winning saxophonist Kenny G plays for passengers Saxophonist Kenny G  

Cave said it was an early morning flight and the cabin was quiet and sleepy but as soon as it was announced that Kenny G would perform, everyone became excited.  Cave said, "Everyone was happy the whole flight."

The sax player assured passengers over an in-flight announcement he wasn’t playing for attention for himself – only for a good cause.

Kenny G is the biggest-selling instrumental musician of the modern era and one of the best-selling artists of all time, with global sales totaling more than 75 million records.