Dramatic Moments Planes are Battered by Storm Doris

Storm Doris has lashed the UK with winds of up to 94mph and brought heavy rain and snow, causing widespread travel disruption. The storm has left thousands without power and trees have crushed cars and blocked roads and railway lines.

Meanwhile, the strong gusts of wind have caused dangerous flying conditions for pilots, resulting in some cancellations and hair-raising footage of difficult landings. Pilots battled to keep aircraft steady as they approached runways across the UK.

Forecasters have warned of flooding, potential damage to buildings, power cuts, transport chaos and even injuries caused by flying debris, with an amber weather alert issued across the Midlands and North Wales.

Incredible footage shows the jet battling fierce winds at Leeds Bradford Airport in West Yorkshire and coming in at such an acute angle that the passengers on one side would almost have had a view directly down the runway. The aircraft bounces from wheel to wheel as it touches down then sends a huge cloud of spray up as it slows down.

Steven Draper, representative of the British Airline Pilots' Association and a former pilot, said of the crab landing method: 'Landing in strong crosswinds or turbulence goes beyond the capabilities of the aeroplane's automatic pilot.

'A pilot should be alert and free from fatigue when landing, and be given the opportunity to develop excellent handling skills.'

Dai Whittingham, the chief executive of the UK Flight Safety Committee, stated that while crosswinds appear dangerous, they are an everyday occurrence.

He said: 'High winds in themselves are not dangerous but they can certainly be inconvenient, especially if the wind direction is across the runway.

'All pilots train to land in high crosswind conditions and will have practiced to the aircraft limits in the simulator.