Emergency Landing After Plane Loses Propeller

A passenger plane had to make an emergency landing at Sydney Airport after a propeller fell off during the approach for landing.

The Regional Express flight from Albury to Sydney - carrying 16 passengers and three crew - made a pan call on Friday afternoon when it was about 20 kilometres from the airport. The crew of the Saab 340 said the propeller assembly had "dislodged", Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson told AAP. Photographs of the plane on the ground show the right propeller had fallen off entirely. The Rex aircraft made the emergency landing about 12.05pm on Friday after it lost the propeller at about 6,000 feet.

Emergency landing Rex aircraft at Sydney airport.

Gibson said the propeller had not yet been located but urged Sydney residents to contact the authorities if it was discovered.

“It’s important because the Australian Transport Safety Bureau will need to look at the damage to that to get a full understanding of what happened. If anybody finds it, they should contact the police in the first instance.”

He said the incident was “very, very unusual” and the bureau had tasked three investigators with assessing the cause of the accident.

“We don’t have any idea at this stage why the propeller should separate from the engine. It’s very early at this point but Casa will be getting detailed reports from Rex about what the pilots observed and the preliminary engineers’ review”.

  Emergency landing The flight from Albury to Sydney landed safely.  

Private Pilot Grahame Hutchison told Daily Mail Australia he 'raced' to the scene when he heard what happened. Mr Hutchison said losing use of propellers in-flight was an extremely dangerous thing to happen. The two pilots “did an amazing job” to land it safely.

“That's an incredibly serious thing to have happen in a twin engine aircraft,” he said.

“It's pretty stressful, those pilots did a great job.”