IAI Is About To Develop Electrically-powered Aircraft

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industry has an aim to develop electrically-powered aircraft in a near future. They recently put some major investments in R&D projects concerning the green energy.

IAI is currently developing a prototype which is expected to be ready for use in around 3 three years from now. There are currently a couple of things known about its features. Aircraft will have a maximum take-off weight of 4530-6800kg. According to this aspect, it can be compared to a current Beechcraft King Air 350.

Its range is estimated to be up to 1000km, therefore, an aircraft will mainly be used to operate flights between cities.

The need for such aircraft is estimated to grow rapidly. According to Israel Aerospace calculations, it might reach hundreds of aircraft per year in the upcoming decade. Electrically-powered aircraft are expected to be produced in all sizes and for various purposes.

Such an innovation would benefit in many fields. However, first, of all, it addresses environmental issues. Aircraft are expected to reduce pollution to the minimal level and the noise levels lowered significantly as well.


Already for a while, electrical energy has been one of the focus areas for IAI. The company has been heavily investing in R&D projects regarding electricity, such as batteries, engines and alternative energy sources. Besides, they are closely keeping an eye on the newest technological developments in this area. IAI does not reject the opportunity for collaboration with a startup company.

Vice president of IAI Engineering and Development Group, Moshe Medina shared his thoughts regarding the new project “The aviation world is about to enter a new era of electric propulsion. The significant improvement of electrical power sources for the cellular communication and electric cars may prove to have a positive effect on the reliability and efficiency of the electrical power system. These, in turn, can make the electric aircraft ‘the next big trend’ in the world of aviation. „

Moshe Medina also emphasized that IAI has many years of experience in development of new projects in the field. Therefore, they are not afraid of the upcoming challenges and it makes IAI believe that the project can be successfully executed.