Latest Air New Zealand Video With Jurassic Park's Sam Neill

Air New Zealand have just launched a new flight video featuring a new character based on their national animal and symbol. Introducing: Pete the Kiwi bird! The storyline follows how even a wingless kiwi like Pete can fly around the world – with Air New Zealand - to see his favourite tourist spots. Back in New Zealand, Pete also gives a few tips as to what is to enjoy there from wine-tasting to bungee jumping.

You may recognise Pete's voice… it's none other than New Zealand acting royalty Sam Neill (Jurassic Park, Hunt for the Wilderpeople) - who makes a cameo appearance too.

The short film is part of Air New Zealand’s ‘A Better Way To Fly’ Campaign, highlighting some of the airlines most popular routes including from Auckland to London via Los Angeles. The video also shows the inside of their plane's sleek and comfortable cabins too; with a variety of seating, eating and entertainment options available.

To help celebrate, Air New Zealand have included a few facts about the cute, little Kiwi bird:

  • There are 68,000 kiwi left in New Zealand.
  • The unmanaged kiwi population is declining at a rate of 2% a year because of predators introduced by humans.
  • Kiwi usually live to between 25 and 50 years of age.
  • They are the only bird with nostrils at the tip of the beak, meaning they have a great sense of smell.
  • Their powerful legs make up a third of their bodyweight, making them fast runners.

You can find more facts on the New Zealand Department of Conservation website.