Runaway 7-Year-Old Girl Boarded Flight Without Ticket

A runaway seven-year-old girl managed to board a flight out of Geneva Airport, despite not having a ticket. She had escaped from her parents at Geneva's central station on Sunday and travelled by train to the airport, Geneva Airport said in a statement. The child was able to slip through security checks by "taking advantage of her small size" and standing near adults, the airport said.

Her dad rang police when they noticed she was missing and a search in the area was immediately launched.

The little girl made it past security checks by taking “advantage of her small size” and pretended to be with a group of adults boarding an EasyJet flight at the Geneva Airport, police said. She was able to slip through a gap large enough for a small child. A flight attendant luckily spotted the girl before the plane took off for Corsica, Sky News reported. As soon as her parents lost sight of their daughter, they contacted the Swiss police, who used the airport’s security video system to track the seven-year-old’s progress through the airport, according to spokesman Bertrand Staempfli.

Runaway 7-Year-Old Girl

Police said the bizarre incident, which they admitted could have been much more serious, was the child’s second attempt to get on a flight the same day. Airport footage shows the little girl initially turned away after she tried to follow crew members onto an Air France flight.

Geneva Airport said it would tighten safety rules and boarding procedures to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. “We must acknowledge that the current system is efficient for adults and accompanied children but that it must take better account of the weaknesses that could let a child slip through, as this unprecedented and regrettable incident has shown,” the airport said in a statement.