Delayed Flight Turns Into Party at Toronto Airport

Waiting for a delayed flight is usually a pain, but one group of passengers at a Canadian airport used it as an excuse to party.

Michelle Sacrey Philpott was heading home to Newfoundland after a business trip on Monday when she arrived to a delightful scene at her gate at Toronto Pearson International Airport. There she found Newfoundland musicians Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill playing the guitar and accordion while their fellow WestJet passengers sang along, danced and tapped their feet.

Sheldon Thornhill was on accordion and Sean Sullivan joined him with his guitar, according to the CBC. A young boy even stepped in for a solo, as you can see at the two-minute mark in the video.

Sacrey Philpott had her phone out and recording while people in the waiting area joined in, belting out folk standards and clapping along. Look closely enough and you might even catch a few folks dancing in the back. "I looked around and everyone had a different expression," Sacrey Philpott said. "You see people laughing, you see tears in people's eyes. It was a homesick sad."

When it was time to board the flight, Philpott said the musicians put away their instruments. But then an airline agent announced that the flight was going to be delayed for 30 minutes because they had to wait for the pilot to arrive.

"Everyone cheered. We got the instruments out again and started to continue singing and dancing," Philpott said. "Newfoundlanders love to sing and dance. It is such a huge part of our culture."

The uplifting moment is one of many that captured our hearts in 2017, including a dance party at North Carolina's Charlotte Douglas International Airport and an equally priceless song and dance challenge at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. Don't forget that time Kenny G hosted a surprise concert aboard a Delta Air Lines flight.