Mayday Call: United Airlines Finally Lands After Emergency Onboard

Flight UA839 with 194 people onboard, finally reached its destination. The plane took off from Los Angeles and landed in Sydney after 15-hour flight. The pilot informed about mechanical issues onboard and in a mayday call to Sydney airport.

Other flights were not interrupted and it did not cause any delays.

In an official statement, the airline said: "The aircraft taxied to the gate and all customers disembarked normally."

The pilot made a call due to the low levels of fuel in the 787-900 Dreamliner. Apparently, the levels were so low, that the aircraft had fuel only for 45 minutes of flying.

As said by the authorities: "Low fuel reserves trigger an automatic emergency warning". The "fuel mayday" calls can be automatic when the plane reaches the reserve supplies of fuel. Due to this reason, this mayday call was made.

The plane landed safely and none of the passengers were injured. As informed by the spokesperson from the Airservices Australia: "No passengers were at risk at any time." While the crew experienced mixed feelings while landing in Sydney.

One of the reporters said: "Not a hint, not a mention of any impending doom or mayday situation. I did think, 'gee that's a lot of flashing lights out there' when we landed, but no more than the flashing lights from emergency vehicles I'd seen in Denver and Washington during this trip -- where there was absolutely nothing happening."

Flight from Los Angeles to Sydney Flight from Los Angeles to Sydney

The "Mayday"

The term is used by the airlines to sends a signal for help because of an emergency onboard. When the call is given, it appears three times in a row. This helps to detect if the call is real or it is just a communication issue and whether the help must be provided.