National Geographic: movie about airplanes. National Geographic has released the second trailer for their upcoming documentary Living in the age of airlines, which is narrated by longtime pilot Harrison Ford (who, despite his recent and terrifying plane crash, is apparently now out of the hospital). This movie reminds us how profoundly planes has changed our world and the way we do just about everything.  It also renews our assessment for the airplane and amazingly conveys the wonder and greatness of flying.

"Living in the Age of Airplanes" takes audiences on an epic journey through 18 countries and across all seven continents as it presents a unique perspective on how the airplane has changed the world. It will be available to 15/70 flat and dome film screens and to all digital screens when it is released worldwide on April 10, 2015" - reports National Geographic Studios, which has acquired the global theatrical rights to the film. Experience a visual journey about how far we've come and how fast we got here.

Watch the trailers here: