Youtube Star Flew In A New Emirates First Class Suite

Emirates, the Middle East's largest air carrier, has just upped its game after unveiling its brand new, state-of-the-art first class suites - which are estimated to cost from £7,000 per flight. The fully-enclosed cabins measure 40 square-feet (3.7-square-metres) and are billed as “game-changers” with their privacy, gourmet dining, mood lighting and 32in TV screens. And now YouTube star Casey Neistat has given the swanky suites his seal of approval.

He said of the new cabins: “They feel more like a small but extremely elegant hotel room than an aeroplane seat. There are two TV screens, two closets – one for suits and one for your suitcase- and the door is a proper heavy big wooden door."

He continued: “The leg room borders on ridiculous too - if you were 7 or 8ft tall you couldn't use up all this leg room.”

In case you didn’t think things could get any more luxurious – travellers are also handed a pair of moisturising pyjamas made from sea kelp so the skin doesn’t dehydrate.

The seats feature floor-to-ceiling sliding doors for maximum solitude and most also provide a window view, which can be enjoyed with a personal pair of binoculars. Those positioned in the middle aisle are given “virtual windows”, which live-stream views from the plane via fibre optic external cameras, ensuring they don't miss out.

Youtube Star Flew In A New Emirates First Class Suite Casey Neistat

There’s also a hatch door for flight attendants to serve food and drink through, so passengers never have to speak to another living person if they don’t want to. When calling a flight attendant, Casey Facetimed the cabin crew phone from the personal iPad next to his seat.

“It really was all it’s cracked up to be,” he concludes as he disembarks. “It was everything I ever wanted.”

Jeremy Clarkson, who Emirates used to launch the private suites, said: “Seriously, these new seats on Emirates are better than half the hotels I ever stay in.”