Brian Weatherall: The Capturer Of Extraordinary AS365N3 Helicopter

An AS365N3 Dauphin II helicopter with a nickname "Blue Thunder" emerged from nowhere in Kirkstone Pass, the English Lake District of County Cumbria. The fog was everywhere and how did the helicopter showed up there is a mystery.

Many news showed the viral video of the helicopter and started digging for the information about "Blue Thunder". One have said, that it was a British "SAS" (Special Air Service) helicopter. But some believe that it belongs to someone else.

The video was filmed from a family car. Since camera was static and really close to the windshield, it managed to capture the moment. Still, it is also believed it was filmed with a phone because the passenger in front is sitting on the left side of the car and the driver on the right.

Viral video is pretty dramatic. Immagine, how the driver felt accidently seeing a helicopter, emerging from the fog. Nevertheless, the person who captured this moment was identified as Brian Weatherall.

"Blue Thunder"

"Blue Thunder" is also believed to belong to the Join Special Forces Aviation Wing (JSFAW). The unit is also known as an elite aviation unit. Some time ago it was called 8 Flight AAC. And it is still supporting the British 22nd Special Air Service (22nd SAS).

The helicopter is also comparable to the 658 Squadron, the U.S. Army's 160th SOAR, Special Operations Aviation Regiment. And the one which was used to catch Osama Bin Laden.

The helicopter in the viral fog video is like this one. (Photo: Mark Harkin/Wiki) The helicopter in the viral fog video is like this one. (Photo: Mark Harkin/Wiki)

If it really was an AS365N3 from 658 Squadron, it brings up many questions. And one of them is - what was he doing there so close to the ground?

These types of helicopters are not seen to the public like this. Because they have special training areas. And weather conditions might explain why this one appeared like this.

But the video is amazing because it captures an extraordinary view that we probably will never see again.