This Is What You Should Do If Your Flight Was Delayed Or Canceled

On August 17, in Paranaque City, Xiamen Air Boeing 737-800 slid of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport runway. The accident led to many canceled flights. All 157 passengers and 8 crew members were stuck in the NAIA airport with other travelers.

After everything was fixed, passengers flooded the lounges. 

So sometimes when the flight is canceled it is shortly fixed to takeoff. But all of the travelers should be aware of what to do in a situation like this. Most importantly - no panicking.

Imagine to be in an airport full of travelers...">  These are some of the guidelines every passenger should know. They are entitled to the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB).


This is not applied to the cases of unforeseeable circumstances such as accidents.

If the delay is 3 or more hours there are benefits you should be provided with. Airlines are providing snacks and softs drinks. If needed, a free call or messages. In case of an emergency they must provide first aid.

Also, rebooking the flight there should not be any additional payments.

In case the flight is delayed for 6 or more hours, passengers can demand for compensation from the carrier.


Also, same as for delays, passengers can ask for free calls and first aid. Reimbursement and rebooking is also similar to delayed flights policies.

But if the cancelation is airline's fault, travelers must receive soft beverages and meals. If needed, provided with a hotel room before the next flight and transportation from and to it.

Some airlines policies


There are few options. First one is a full refund. Second option is to move the flight date within 30 days. But the route must be the same.

And the third option is to convert it to credits in AirAsia Big Loyalty account where the credits are valid for 90 calendar days.

Philippine Airlines

Travelers can use the hotline number or manage the travel via airline website.

Cebu Pacific

There are three options to choose from. First one is a full refund. Second is to put in the Travel Fund for future use. And the last one is rebooking flight within 30 days. But then the flight must be rebooked only via company website or hotline.

In all cases, to avoid panic and the unknown, always make sure you check out the airline policy online before your flight. Better to be prepared!