A Photo Went Viral After Teen Helped Blind And Deaf Passenger Traveling Alone

A post with a photo went viral after a 15-year-old teen, that flew on Alaska Airlines‘ flight to Portland, helped Tim Cook, a blind and deaf man.

Last week, Cook was traveling alone to his home after visiting his sister. The teen girl Daly happened to be on the same flight, after hers was cancelled earlier that day.

Lynette Scribner, one of the passengers on that very same flight, remembers: “I observed a woman signing into a man’s hand, so he could feel her words <...> After watching them for a few minutes, I realized the man was both deaf and blind.”

Girl Helps Deaf Blind Passenger Girl Helps Deaf Blind Passenger  

She also stated, that other passengers tried to make his flight as comfortable as possible, from giving up their seats to fixing his coffee.

The flight attendants wanted to be of more help during the flight, but did not know how to communicate with the passenger. Therefore, they asked over the PA system on the plane whether someone among the passengers knew American Sign Language and the teen girl Daly responded immediately.

She had been studying American Sign Language for some time, so she could communicate with Cook.

“I sat with Tim a few times on the flight and toward the end for about 30 minutes <...> He just wanted to talk” she said.

“I went to a total of three times, once to get him water, another to tell him the time, and the last hour of the flight to just talk to him,”

“We talked about our family in Massachusetts and he asked me about my plans for my future,” she said.

Girl Helps Deaf Blind Passenger Girl Helps Deaf Blind Passenger  

Daly sign-spelled the words into his palm, so he could make sense of what she was saying.

The flight crew were all very amazed and delighted by her actions.

“Clara was amazing,” one of the flight attendants said. “You could tell Tim was very excited to have someone he could speak to and she was such an angel.”

Travelling alone might be uncomfortable as it is, it is always nice, when someone helps along the way. After the flight, Cook said it was the best flight that he was ever on.