Richard Russell: The Man Behind Seattle Plane Crash

Many are stunned by the act of a 29 year old Richard Russell. The person, who was described as "faithful husband, a loving son and a good friend" did something no-one thought he could and took his life.

Richard Russell was a Horizon Air ground service agent for three and a half years. The everyday tasks at work of R. Russell included directing aircrafts for takeoff and gate approach. Also working with baggage, said by officials.

He took his life by stealing and piloting an airplane with no one else on board. Who saw the airplane, thought someone was making air tricks and preparing for a show.

The 76-seat plane took off without authorisation on Friday morning. After one hour of strange flying maneuvering the plane crashed at Ketron Island.

Bombardier Q400 Bombardier Q400 A witness in one of the neighbourhoods in Seattle recorded airplane on a video.

The event brought up many discussions about safety. FBI's Seattle office is not considering this event as a terrorist act, but it brings up many questions about airport security.

Also, R. Russell had no authority to board the plane alone. As it was said by one of the officials "There is a protocol to not allow anyone singularly to get onboard an aircraft. If you're going to access the aircraft ... you make sure that you check with someone else, and that someone else (will confirm) that ... you have the right authority to get onto that aircraft."

On Saturday, Seattle airport released the news about the incident. It was said that R. Russell did not had any criminal record as he passed many security checks for his position.

The day when the incident happened, R. Russell was wearing his work uniform so he had to be noticed by someone, but he was not.

Apparently, the plane he boarded was not scheduled to flight.

What is more important, he did not had a license to fly the plane. So how he managed to fly it without any experience is a mystery.

An audio record was posted on Broadcastify. R. Russell was communicating with air traffic controllers when they tried to help landing the plane. But the conversation went different direction.

R. Russells final words were recorded when he expressed his feelings "I've got a lot of people that care about me, and it's going to disappoint them that I did this." Then he said his final words that were considered as suicidal note "I would like to apologise to each and one of them. Just a broken guy, I guess. Never really knew until now."

The plane crashed shortly after few spins and joking about knowing how to fly the plane, because he played a lot of video games before.

FBI will be investigating the incident and information will be provided later. There is also a possibility that R. Russell spoke with himself onboard and maybe he did not heard anything from the air traffic control.

At the moment The White House and President Donald Trump informed about monitoring the situation.