Passengers Are Impacted By Air France Strike

The plans of thousands of passengers flying with Air France were doomed to collapse today due to the strikes of pilots, cabin crew and ground staff of the airline. Employees were protesting for the better working conditions and raised salaries.

The airline estimates that nearly a third of staff is striking for a wage rise of 6 percent. Currently, Air France put some incentives and 1 percent on the table but this offer does not seem to satisfy the unions. They aim to put some pressure on the management and claiming this is only a minor change comparing to workloads and conditions they face in their daily routine.

Due to the strike, even half of the long haul flights were canceled. Air France passengers were stranded in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and restricted from going to Bankok, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Dheli, Dubai, Tokyo and New York.  Disruptions were also felt on medium and short-haul flights as respectively 25 and 15 percent of the flights were cut off.

Furthermore, even though some flights were carried out as scheduled, not all the passengers who booked their seats will be able to use their tickets. Due to the required ratio for flight attendants per passenger and airline‘s inability to compose the full crew on board, some bookings will not be honored.

Passengers experiencing inconvenience are not offered any financial compensation. Though travelers can expect to get accommodation and meals upon request as it is obliged by European passengers‘ rights rules.  They can also change the flight dates without any additional fees.  In case there are no possible options with Air Frace, travelers can be suggested to choose flights operated by competing airlines.

"Air France regrets this situation and is making every effort to minimize the inconvenience this strike action may cause to its customers," it said in a statement.

Thousands Of Passengers Are Impacted By Air France Strike Air France Plane

Airline keeps their customers informed by explaining the situation on their website and recommend not to book the flights until the 27th of February at no extra costs.  They also advise to check the status of booking before heading to the airport and in case flight is delayed by 5 or more hours one can expect a refund of a ticket price.