Passenger Is Arrested After Stripping And Attacking Stewardess On A Plane

Just right after Malindo Air aircraft departed from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, a passenger took off his clothes and started watching pornography. Young man ignored other travelers and later on even attacked flight attendant for being told to put on his clothes.

Later turned out that the passenger is 20 years old citizen of Bangladesh studying at the private university of Malaysia. The mess started shortly after the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Student stripped naked in his seat, opened the laptop and started watching pornography not minding passengers around him. According to some travelers who witnessed an incident he even went to the toilet completely naked.

Passenger is arrested after stripping and attacking stewardess on a plane Passenger is arrested after stripping and attacking stewardess on a plane

Shocked passengers informed the cabin crew about the disturbance. After flight attendants approached the student requesting to put on the clothes, surprisingly he did not conflict a lot and dressed up. And just as the other passengers started feeling a little bit relieved, Bangladeshi began to misbehave again. At first, youngster tried to hug one of the flight attendants when another. As a result, the head stewardess tried to talk to the passenger asking to act appropriately. That triggered 20-years old aggressive behavior and he attacked the stewardess.

As the situation was out of control, cabin crew with a help of some other passengers restrained the threatening man. They tied his arms with a piece of cloth and put him in a seat for the rest of the flight. Cabin crew managed to rearrange the seating so other passengers did not have to be placed near the young Bangladeshi.

According to the airline, after the aircraft landed, Dhaka security staff was already waiting for a man and arrested him. Airline representatives also add that “The crew on board has followed the standard operating procedure in restraining the passenger from causing further disruption onboard the flight.“

The reasons for men‘s strange behavior are still unclear.